Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hello to my loyal fans...

Well people, I have not felt it necessary to communicate with you over the last week because what I was doing was just sitting, sizing things up, and doing a spot of exploring when it was safe. That is, when no-one was around.

I slipped up yesterday. I sneaked out of my little cage , climbed my ladder and picked at my seed bell. All fine - but I left a calling card on the ladder. Oh well.. sprung! Last week I came out to explore the big cage. I opened the door of my little cage and sat on the external perch. Angie the dog came and sniffed up at me – I screeched HELP and Mum came and I shot back in to safety. I must always be on the attack with that dog, charge at her with beak open and wings out - screaming.

I now feel better about my new home. I gave in and tried the different seed mix provided, and now love it. I still get bits of the old mix (Mum bought me a new packet of it) and some of the alternate new mix too, but basically I like the one labelled parrot mix best. I got bread, a little bit of it, each night at first but it got smaller and smaller and now I have not seen bread for a week or more. I was given a donut too, just a little, but it was a bit stale so I did not bother with it much. Suits me – the seed tastes much nicer and I think it is making my back grow some nice new white down!

Every day I find some weird thing in my food bowl. I get these things offered from Mum’s hand but I just look at it, then her – and she then puts it in my bowl. That makes me TOUCH it with my beak. The last cherry tomato I had, I left it there for a while, and got a taste of it. Seems like a plot to me! The strawberry tasted quite good but really, I don’t like to get such things on my beak. Sticky!

Paul, my last person, came by last week to see me – I laid my head on his hand and he scratched and tickled me. It was good to see him. I heard him tell Mum I often opened my cage door and came out when I wanted so there’s another secret gone.

I will see if I can organise some more photos of me next week. Maybe even a little movie! I feel like I am becoming a star.


Bertrand bunny said...

Oh no Bibbie, be careful! If you show you are willing to eat normal bird food then you might never see a donut again! You must keep her guessing to ensure a consistent supply and variety of treats. I have learned this from experience. Love from Bertrand Tuffball bunny, your London cousin.

Aprilla said...

Bibbie maybe you should try some hot chocolate... very nice for warming the belly before a good nights sleep. All the best!