Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Free at last!

Free at last! No nasty ring round my ankle! Whoopee!

Last week I was taken to the vet in my little cage. I had to stay there quite a while, and after a bit I went to sleep. When I woke up I had a beautiful beak all trimmed, a manicure had been done and that ball and chain thing had gone. Took me a couple of days to work it out, actually. But now – wonderful!

Apparently birds like me are supposed to sleep on one leg with the other folded up. I never did – hurt, or felt awkward. I tried it though, and well really I can recommend it to all my friends. Well worth a try. Stand on one leg and go to sleep! I don’t bother putting my head under my wing – I just sit. It is always warm where I am. It also made it easier for me to hold my food in one hand instead of just having to pick it up with my beak.

Today I found out I like spinach stalk. I was offered the whole thing, so tried the leaf – yuk! But that stalk in Mum’s hand looked tasty so I reached over and took the thing from the other side than Mum expected. Put it in my foot, and had a nice chew. Once the stalk ran out, I dropped the leaf. Mum gave me a new one – but I was full,- in the end to keep her happy, I took it, and threw – yes threw – it on the ground. I can throw, people! With my hand – as well as my beak! Wonderful! I was very pleased with myself so said “Hello Cocky” to Mum and she laughed. Then I got stroked on the top of my head which I love!

After a bit, my radio got turned off, and the light went out. Gee it gets dark fast round here! Faster even than it does when my blanket goes over me when it is cold.

Goodnight, Bibbles

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