Thursday, February 1, 2007

Introducing Bibbie

Hello, I am Bibbie and I am very pleased to meet you.

I am a cockatoo... and I have just moved to a lovely new home where I'm looking forward to having a wonderful new life after the past few years where things weren't so great.

On this blog I am going to tell you all about my fun activities, but to get us started, below is an email my new looker-after companion wrote to introduce me to my new family.

Meet the latest member of the family... Now, don't be rude. Bibbie has feelings!

I asked the vet if he should have a mirror to chat to, etc - he said be careful, the bird might die of fright!

Bibbie has an incurable viral disease called beak and feather disease, will almost certainly never grow a feather, and will have to wear a jumper to keep warm.

He arrived at my place from Peter and Paul on Monday night. Since then he has scored a big cage, toys, new foods and lots more though he does not seem to be all that pleased at some of it, like a dog Angela nose getting too close.

Tonight some music came on the talk back radio I was listening to - he danced!! Up and down and side to side. I did not prompt it, all his idea,but he had me joining in.

Oh, he could be a she - no easy way of telling with birds even for vets. The absence of an egg does not mean not female especially when it is as unfeathered as this one.

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Chirpy said...

Bibbie, you surely are one of the most, in fact THE most beautiful cockatoo I have EVER seen!
Lots of love from Anne xxx