Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I am a fusspot

Yes, I'm afraid it is true. I am a very picky eater. Perhaps one day I will expand my horizons, but for now I like what I like and that is that. Do not try and give me different things as I will throw them at you. And do not expect me to eat from a dish... oh no. Why would I eat from your dish when I can eat from your hand, hmmm?

Here is some recent news about me from my new carer:

Bibbie is doing OK, not so scared of Angela and seldom screeches at her these days unless she really gets her nose right up to the cage. Bibbie seems to expect to be hand fed! Something has been nibbling at the seed bells too, not sure if it is a rat, wild birds or Bibbie as usually he is in his little cage. I have checked once or twice and seen him out, but not usually. His little cage sits in his big one outside. I had to bring him in at lunchtime today for fear we would have fried Bibbie. Dad is going to make a nice cage to hang up in the kitchen for winter.

Bibbie likes bread and doughnuts and that is it, it seems! From Paul he nibbled VERY thinly sliced pieces of apple that measured about 4mm square (and about 0.1mm thick) but he rejects that from me. I gave him a freshly picked strawberry which he took from my hand and threw with force onto the floor of his cage. He throws out things I leave in his food dish, and ignores any put separately from it. Things from my hand he might take but then throws down anyway. He will take his favourite seeds if I pick them from the bell thing for him - he is teaching me which seed(s) he likes, and the multitude he does not like by taking and throwing OR just refusing to take it at all.

Some of the things ignored.. cherry tomatoes both red and yellow, slivers of tomato, the top of a red pepper with seeds, grapes, apple, cucumber, zucchini, thistle(which they are all supposed to love) lettuce, other weeds, grass, mint and its flowers, millet, and I am sure there are others that I can't remember - oh yes, green beans chopped up very finely.

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