Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dinner and manners

I like my new seed – and there is lots of it. I eat the poppy seeds first then move on to the other kinds. I still don’t like anything much other than my seeds and bread (you were right Bert – I have not seen any more donuts, nor bread for about two weeks) but keep finding things on top of my seeds. I have to get them out, and use my beak – and sometimes it gets a bit I can taste. Pear appeared several times yesterday, and was not totally appalling. No hot chocolate has appeared yet.

I never bite people hard. For black dog noses though, I shall maybe make an exception. The other day I used Mum’s finger as a beak hold when I climbed about my transport cage = sanctuary. I was very gentle. Never bite the hand that feeds me is my motto – good sense as well as good manners.

Tomorrow I have to go to the vet and apparently he is going to make me sleep a bit – and he will remodel my beak and cut my toenails. They tell me I won’t know anything about it but I am for sure not looking forward to it anyway. At least for now I am spared the indignity of a jacket – all are agreed it is too hot for me to get dressed. Whew!



bertrand bunny said...

Bibbie, I heard a rumour that perhaps you are growing a few feathers. Could this be true?

I am afraid I am doing the reverse at the moment. My winter coat is looking a bit dated now, so it's time to smarten myself up for the Spring season. It's very handy that I have white carpet in my lounge, it means I can roll around and see easily how much of my (black) hair has come out.

Dawn said...

Yes, that rumour may be true Bertand Bunny. I remove the disorderly ones by plucking them out. Have to keep one's coat in order just as you say!

My beak and toenails are trimmed nicely. Apparently it cost a bit over $100 and it will need to be done on a semi regular basis. I figure that will make me a valuable bird!


Binormous bunnygirl aka the giantess said...

Hello Bibbie, I was told of your blog by my friend Bertrand.

Congratulations on your feather-growing, that is fine news indeed. We look forward to seeing photos.

I have a little tip for you, a ruse which I have only recently discovered. Encourage your looker-after to get you some treats that masquerade as vitamin pills. That way you get to have your "pill" everyday plus a lolly for being so good for eating the "pill". It's double the treats!