Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oops - caught out!

I was put outside early this morning as “Mum” had to go out. It was quite cold. She tucked me in with a blanket round my inside “safe cage” and then hung bigger ones over the back, side and roof of my big permanent outside cage. (My little cage goes right inside it - it is easy to move me round.) After she had gone, I decided to explore, and had fun. Next thing I knew, she was looking in at me and there I was sitting on the perch outside my little cage. I had been trying to keep it secret, figuring I could get some more sympathy and hand feeding if she thought I was scared to come out. Now my cover is blown!

There is something I am looking forward to doing soon. Angela is a big golden brown dog who lives here. She is very curious about me and sticks her nose up close. A good screech sent her packing at first but now she just stays there. Her whiffling black nose looks interesting – I am planning how best to have a taste.

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Alice in Queensland said...

Hi to you Bibbie, Really nice to know that someone is looking after you after you have had such a tough trot in life....I can say that I think that your new carer will really look after you as she is that kind of a person and I have meet with her 4/5 times now and we are really good email friends.

Take care and look forward to your next installment