Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yummy spinach

Last night the stalk - today the world! Well, the whole spinach leaf anyway. I ate three this morning - I had a nibble then snatched it from the hand which fed me. When that one was finished I started on the other two thoughtfully placed in my dish.

Tonight when I came in, I had three more spinach leaves in my hand and then nibbled at a piece f tomato. Tomorrow I might consider picking it up too. Bunnies and Chickies, you should try it. Spinach with tomato that is.

In between time, I rip up the newspaper lining the bottom of my cage. Well, if they gave me carpet, I would be more careful, but newspaper, REALLY!


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Bertrand bunny said...

Bibbie, don't you know what a treat newspaper is! Newspaper is one of my favourite things. It makes a lovely loud sound when you tear it up and you can shred it into tiny pieces, or just bend it about to make new shapes. And if you're hungry it makes a lovely snack.

I would like to try spinach but I daren't... things like that give me tummy runs, and then I have to have a BATH. Which is no fun at all.