Sunday, March 11, 2007

hard work

I’ve got a job in front of me. She is much bigger than me. My person hasn’t groomed herself since I have been here, so I thought I had better start in on it. I worked on her hand, then nose, then her lips and suddenly – clank! My beak met something hard in there. I used my tongue to have a feel round – her mouth is nothing like mine! Don’t know how she cracks her seeds, to tell you the truth. Maybe those hard things have something to do with it.

Whilst I was doing that, I was distracting her from noticing something else I was doing. Earlier, I had tried it out, and distracted her by scratching, cleaning my beak and preening my stubble. I was standing on her hand with half of my foot – when grooming her, I was half on her hand with BOTH feet! And I got away with it. She didn’t notice. I learnt that sort of diversion from the cat in the house where I used to live. It used to sit and wash when embarrassed or anything. I bossed that cat about but the dog here is a bit big I think. Still, we are getting there. Seems us animals can learn from one another. Wonder when the dog will say “Hello Cocky”? Might take a while.

Oh – I get a dish of fruit and vegetables these days. I eat the spinach, and the apple – I eat the apple off the skin now, in big chunks – and pick the other things over without eating them really. Throw them out sometimes. And I am climbing outside the little safe house cage now though I try not to let anyone see me.

Bye for now folks

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