Thursday, March 15, 2007

How dare they?

Once again I was forced into my little cage and taken for a car ride.  THAT in itself is not bad.  But then, I was back on that table at the vet.  She put a towel round me and pulled me out – I clung onto the wire but Mum prised my hands off – oh dear I thought – betrayed!!!   And then came some clipper things.  Chop!  Off came my overgrown top beak – and snip – off came the bottom fang that was growing up on one side.  After that was done I was able to get even, and gave both Karen and Mum a good nip.  They both said “ouch” so I know I succeeded. 


Once back in my cage, and car, I felt safer, and even danced and chuntered away to myself on the way home.  That is the third time it has happened now, and as it seems it will be every three weeks or so, I guess I will have to get used to it.  Being naked is undignified enough but havi9ng to have your beak chopopped, well, it is really unspeakable.  I do like the result though.  I can eat more things.  Including fingers.

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