Thursday, March 8, 2007

Food glorious food

Recently I have been tentatively tasting the things I find in my food dish. Actually I don’t have much choice – it sits on top of the yummy seed! I have to throw it out, and that way am forced to put my beak on it. THAT makes me get a taste. Actually, once you pluck up courage to try it, some things don’t taste half bad!

Tomato I find is pretty to look at and has some sort of sloppy seeds in it. The seeds don’t crack like all seeds should, but for all that, the gooey bit surrounding them is quite tolerable. Apple – well, no longer does it have to be so finely cut up. I made a pig out of myself with apple this morning! .

I love spinach leaves, as they look like leaves on trees and grass. I was never able to eat those, but spinach.. yum! A couple of leaves in the morning, a couple at night, and not every day, but mostly they are lovely. I notice sometimes they are laid out on perches and sticks and ladders in my big cage – usually I can reach them, with an effort, without moving out of my cage or it’s perch out front of it.

In three days, I have eaten a whole small apple. All by myself! I had a bit of banana too. It was sticky and I hated it being on my beak. Mum wiped it off for me. I would not pick it up, nor the tomato – but I grab at spinach and apple once I have tasted them

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