Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new horizons

I was left inside this morning for an awful long time. I decided to explore. When my little cage was to be cleaned, I hopped out of it and would not go back inside. When it was clean, I still would not go back inside it. So – I have been left in the kitchen all day!

My little bunk hole cage is sitting on the floor, and I am left all alone in the big indoor cage. I quite like walking on the flat floor of it, and rip the newspaper (I already knew about newspaper, Bertrand, but thank you anyway for the tip) and go over to big food dishes and water bowls and explore. I was not sure of the black box with shiny hole things pointed at me that made clicking noises, but once it was gone, I was quite happy to be left alone. For a day or two it will be OK – after that it might get boring! I do have a couple of perches in there but for a bit anyway I prefer sitting on the floor – on one leg.

I got a piece of pear to eat, and a tiny bit of crust when Mum had this big plateful of food. I noticed dog Angela got several little bits of pork chop AND a couple of bits of bread. Bertrand, giantess, C1 and C2 - do you get nice food? What is your favourite?


C2 said...

Ahhh... a little bit of cheese makes the world go round, I think. Especially if it is on pizza

C1 said...

Oh but C1, you've forgotten the best! Bacon rind, fried and cut into small pieces. Sometimes we get it as a special treat on a weekend morning, when our Dad has what he calls a 'fry up'. We used to never be allowed it but we accidentally got some once and made such a fuss that it was clear we adored it, so now it is the exception to our vegetarian diet.

bertrand bunny said...

You chickens are so silly. Green stuff is what you want, leafy green stuff. Perhaps with a nice little bit of stalk.

You can't go wrong with some purple sprouting broccolli is what I say. I'd told the giantess about it but she didn't believe me. Then, at last, this weekend FINALLY some turned up. Oh, it's lovely stuff.

J. L. LeMone said...

Hi Bibbie!

Thank you for stopping by at my blog! I checked out your blog right away, and I really like it, especially the many pictures!

Don't worry about the feather thing; as long as your human keeps you nice and warm, you should be fine. Right now, the bald look is very fashionable, anyway; people shave off their hair all the time, which is the closest they have to feathers. You're really a trendsetter for cool birds!

I'm sure you and Angela will be really good friends. You probably noticed when reading my blog that my buddy CC-man the cockatiel has a friend who is a poodle, and the two of them get along just fine.

Well, happy blogging, and stop by often! I'll put your link on my blog!

J. L. LeMone, Cockatiel

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you JL!

My human has actually knitted me a little coat. Apparently I have to be sewn into it. The vet said he will do it if and when I have another sleep at his place - but I think it might catch on my feather stubs and hurt. I have a little transportable cage and two big ones - one outside, with a roof and it gets brlankets thrown over it to keep the wind and sun out etc, and one inside inthe kitchen window hwere I am warm and toasty. I think I will be alright - there is a fire stove thing in the kitchen too. It is not used now as summer has just finished and it is still warm weather.

I hear wild cousins talking to me when I am outside. It'd be nice to be able to fly but not to have to find my own dinner. Much nicer to get it served in a dish.

I wish you and all your friends well, cousin JL


Two Pis and a Poi said...

Hi there, Bibbie!
What you need are macadamia nuts! Or almonds!
We've got our human trained very well. We won't touch our breakfast in the morning until she gives us a nut! They are gooooooood!