Friday, March 16, 2007


I went to the vet again last evening. My beak has been trimmed again and
this time I was awake and knew all about it. I let them know I was not fond
of the process although it did not hurt.

Today my person went shopping. When she got back she apologised they had sold out of my favourite spinach, so she bought lettuce instead. I tried some just now - boy oh boy it is probably better than spinach! Yum yum yum!

It rained a bit last night - I don't remember when that last happened - and I was feeling a bit tired from all the excitement at the vet yesterday, so I stayed in my kitchen cage and snoozed. Mum said it was a good idea as it was not really warm out.

Strange but dog Angela was tired all today as well. Mum said she was, but she made three trays of lasagne so maybe not.



Two Pis and a Poi said...

Lettuce is pretty good! I'm glad you enjoyed it! We really like kale, too!

I'm sorry you have to go to the vet so often! Gillie has to go again in a couple weeks for more x-rays. At first they thought she might have something awful, but now they aren't sure - she might actually be just fine. We'll see!

J. L. LeMone said...

Did you get any of the lasagna? It sounds really good. Miss Prissy and I usually enjoy the food the Tall One cooks for us, but she does not cook very often.

J. L. LeMone

C2 said...

Have you tried tinned corn yet Bibbie? When we first came to live here we were very excited about tinned corn. It is better than when on cobs because it is easier to scoff a lot quickly.

Bibbie said...

Tinned corn! THAT might be better than a cob I must say - easier to manage. I was wondering about that tiny immature corn on the cob used inAsian cooking. I mean, asian and avian are just one letter apart - perhaps we have the same tastes?

thank you C2. say hello to your sister C1 for me too.