Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hi Folks

I've decided to stay indoors more now the days are getting cooler. I won't hop into my transporter cage most mornings.. that means I get to stay inside!

Sometimes the fire in the fire stove is lit, like last night. It is warm and cosy then and I like it. I chatter away whilst watching TV and if Mum isn't there, call out to her. She nearly always answers! And I make the noises that Dog Angela makes. (It confuses her.) Last night I watched the swimming, then a quiz, and then a crime TV show. I nibbled a bit of lettuce here and there - it was a nice night.

My top beak is growing quite long again and the bottom bit is starting to grow another fang thing. Oh oh! I foresee another visit to the vet coming up. I wish it wouldn't grow so fast - I do what I can to keep it clear by using my foot and toes as a sort of toothpick. It's only two weeks since the last trim. It's a nuisance. No feathers - well, I feel distinguished - but too much beak is a real hindrance.

Take care everyone!


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