Saturday, March 10, 2007

getting to know Angela

I’ve been outed! I now sit on the perch – actually a piece of tree - outside my little cage in the big outside cage. The view is a bit different than from in my little one. One day I will climb up the whole thing, but I am still very cautious of that big Angela dingo dog. She is very eager to get up close and personal with me – closer and more personal than I would like, I fear. She licked my feet last week. And smelled them. Oh dear! And she has BREATHED on me when she puts her nose up against my cage. I was not really frightened as Mum was there, and I was safe in my little cage. Mum says we have to meet each other “within reason”.

Here you can see the Angela dog sniffing at me.

Oh, I keep getting asked for kiss. People say “Give’s a kiss”, screw up their faces and make these smack smack smack noises. Well, I have to get to know them before I will dispense such pleasures, don’t I! but I did put my beak on Mum’s nose yesterday… we breathed on each other. Nice.

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