Monday, March 12, 2007

Angela's guest appearance

Do you remember the Angela dog I was telling you about? Well, she asked me very politely if she could write something here and I thought it would be churlish to refuse. So, here is a special entry from Angela:

You know I have very seldom sent an email to anyone. So I thought it time to start. Bibbie even has his own blog I note and I don’t want to miss out.

Last night I was on the bed when the passage door was shut. And it stayed shut for quite some time. Bibbie was making up to my mother and I am not sure it is a good thing. He has even started copying the noises I make to him – the cheek of it. He is a young whippersnapper and that is all I will say about him right now – a lady does not speak ill of anyone - not even naked cockatoos.

Last night when Mum sat down for her nice smelling tea of roast vegetables and fish I got my usual dry dog food in a dish. I don’t like fish – but I didn’t get even the plate to lick! For dessert though, Mum had poached quinces with cream and she left me the liquid and some cream which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mum said I obviously like a tipple – didn’t know what that meant but she went on to say there was a splosh of red wine used in the stewing liquid. This morning Mum finished them up, and offered me the liquid again. But I didn’t like it this time – no cream!

It is to be quite hot again today, and I am going to snooze on the bed till Mum comes home from church. We will probably go for a walk then after she has put bibbles out for the day. Afternoon, more like. Still, a leisurely pace suits me right down to the ground – my old bones and joints a=re gettingstiff and creaking these days. No longer can I play all day – I like a run, but get tired very quickly.

I shall now go to have my morning nap

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Lynetter said...

Dear Bibbie and Angela, seems like you are doing well. Bibbie, perhaps you could make some guest appearances yourself, at least in leaving comments on some fellow bloggers? How about